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Website Optimisation

After you have had your website designed and uploaded for all to see on the Internet, you have probably taken it for granted that your website designer has optimised your website to gain a high ranking on the Major search engines. One way to tell if your website is not performing as you would expect is to visit the Search Engines individually and see if your website has a high placement. If your website does not come in at least the top 30, then chances are your website will not receive the expected amount of traffic. Quite, simply this means your website has not been optimised. Below is what you should expect when having your website optimised:
  • Examine and suggest improvements on Keyword and Meta tag content
    This is one of the most important features for your site to be given a high ranking. Most search engines use spiders to index meta tag content. I can advise and implement this in your website.

  • Improvement and additions for site and page content to increase your ranking.
    Recommend that you change certain words or phrases in your website. We can offer different text to be added into your site which will generate a higher search engine position.

  • Detailed report to show how your campaign is progressing.
    Our technicians will produce a detailed report which will contain information on your site which is required for it to be given a high ranking.

  • Full analysis and optimisation of your home page
    This includes using various techniques. We will modify your home page's hidden text, meta tags, text and title.

  • Keyword Phrase Research
    Popular keywords are essential to success. Using the suggestions you give us and our analysis of your website, we will research your keywords against those actually used in search engine queries in order to find the most popular ones for your product or service.

Site Optimisation Facts:
The majority of web users will look for your product or service in a search engine and will only look at the first 10-50 listings. Using a Search Engines Placement service to prepare your web site and submit to the search engines is a fundamental part of on-line marketing and cannot be ignored. Most major search engines will 'spider' your site. Nobody has the ability to tell the search engines where to place or rank a web site. It all depends on the preparation AND the keyword phrases chosen. Simply repeating the same keywords or frequently resubmitting your site will not get you higher in the search engines. This is likely to get a lower ranking or even get your site removed from the search engine.


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